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Methods used In Combinations in Tampa, Florida

EMDR Therapy
(Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)
Scientifically-proven therapy used in the treatment of:

  • Sex Addiction
  • Post-Traumatic stress caused by any form of abuse: physical, emotional, sexual, rape, disaster or other trauma-related disturbances.
  • Overcoming negative beliefs about oneself, anxiety and stress
Couple — Sex addiction in Tampa, FL
  • Sex Addiction
  • Stress management, treatment of phobias, and performance enhancement in academics, business or sports.
  • Weight management, Smoking cessation
  • Impulse control disorders
  • Pain management for chronic pain and migraines
  • Anxiety related to sexual performance such as rapid ejaculation, lack of ejaculation and other erectile dysfunction issues.
Cognitive-Behavioral Approach
Direct focus on changing thoughts, beliefs and actions that are contributing to depression, anxiety and poor coping.
Insight-Oriented Therapy
Exploration of earlier and/or recent troubling events and the feeling and meaning attached to them to help increase peace and understanding.